untalan high school

The Untalan High School in Tiyan is located on 24.75 acres of land with 158,069 square feet of facilities spread across fourteen buildings which contain 94 general education classrofoms, special education classrooms, vocational instructional areas, and laboratories. The school population is roughly under 2,300 students and over 130 faculty and staff. Also on the campus are recreational facilities, a cafeteria, an in-door gymnasium, and administrative support offices. Outdoor recreational facilities include a track, a soccer field, 2 basketball courts, 2 tennis courts, 2 volleyball courts, and a sizeable amphitheater and field with adequate parking and access to Guam’s major arteries.

The property was developed in the past by the United States Navy for bachelor enlisted housing, a mess hall, a bowling alley, educational facilities and support services. The long term use of the property has yet to be determined, although plans have been finalized for the conversion of the property for use as workforce housing. The property can accommodate 1,800 workers.

The property was acquired at the beginning of 2008 after which nearly six (6) months of environmental remediation work was conducted prior to the beginning of renovation and construction work at the facility.