ironwood residences

     The project is a model subdivision that sets new standards for low to moderate income housing projects on Guam but with features normally found in higher income subdivisions. 

     Work involved site development of the total 65 acres land area and construction of brand new 301 housing community of 3- and 4-bedroom units, provided with a community center a computer lab, centralized mail delivery, on-site laundry facilities, outdoor basketball court, an automated entry gate, chain link fence around the community and paved roads and infrastructure including water line distribution, drainage line, sewer line, and exterior electrical distribution line.

     The opportunity to construct a well planned multi-residential community for low to moderate income Guam families at the lowest cost possible with full service infrastructure and community recreational facilities makes the Ironwood Estates project worthy of recognition is one of the most challenging works of Core Tech International.

     The project presented some challenges because of the unique nature of the funding and the many amenities that the developers wanted to include. The method of constructing the homes with pre-cast materials was groundbreaking for Guam and required an extensive training of the workers to adapt to the new methods.

     This project allowed us to demonstrate our professionalism and technical capabilities in meeting the turn-over schedules set by the owner.

1 - Bedroom Unit

2 - Bedroom Unit

3 - Bedroom unit