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Our Mission - “We are motivated to create outstanding environment that enriches the lives and values of the families who live within our community.”

This mission statement has been our primary focus in all our development projects and it was possible to achieve because of our capital strength and stability, our commitment to high standards and to deliver more than what is promised.
At Core Tech Development, LLC our goal is to create beautiful communities that will fit any lifestyle and budget. This goal is evident with every residential development project we acquire, develop or rehabilitate. Our commitment to superior quality and excellence is apparent in all our development projects. We offer clean and modern living space, secure environment and all-encompassing recreational facilities and the finest amenities for all our residents to enjoy with their families.

about us

Core Tech Development, LLC started in 2007 as the real estate division of Core Tech International.  It manages over 600 apartment rental units and several commercial rental spaces in 3 different locations on Guam in over ___ acres of property. It is a fast growing business with a total asset of over $35Million (need to change this to show appraisal values of properties).

Core Tech Development, LLC is affiliated with the following companies.

  • Core Tech International – The largest locally owned construction company on Guam that has been successful in the business for more than 20 years. Core Tech is a full service construction and engineering company, fully bonded and self-sufficient. It is recognized by Guam’s Building Industry as a leader in innovation and accomplishment consistently garnering numerous awards for its excellent projects and its leadership. To date, Core Tech as completed over 170 projects for the Department of Defense, thousands of homes for Guam residents and several infrastructure projects for the local government of Guam. Core Tech management team is focused on ensuring that every project undertaken is produced with the same attention to detail, efficiency and effectiveness that has been the very foundation of its success whose foundation is built on the philosophy “Do the Job Right”.  This rich history and experience have helped to create a dedicated network and pool of the most talented and highly-qualified engineers, skilled workers and marketing management professionals ever assembled on Guam.

  • Core Tech Foundation  - The non-profit entity established to “give back” to the community in terms of scholarship donations to Guam’s children

  • Core Tech Korea – The development division in Korea that owns several commercial properties for rent.

  • Finance Pro, Inc. – The entity to engage in finance service activities

  • Core Tech Micronesia – The company organized to engage in the construction business; and to engage in any lawful business, investment, transaction, venture, or enterprise that may be lawfully undertaken or carried on by a corporation, within the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, the Republic of Belau, the Republic of the Marshall Islands, or any state or territory of the United States

  • CPS, Philippines – The Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) registered as an Ecozone Information Technology (IT) Enterprise company that can perform back office support services in carrying out or executing knowledge-based and computer-enabled engineering, architectural designs and related activities  through computer aided solutions; consultancies, cost accounting and estimation, excluding the practice of professions; to do any and all other business incidental thereto or connected therewith, to do for and incidental to the furtherance and/or implementation of the purposes therein mentioned, and in connection therewith to solicit, bid, negotiate, accept, undertake and/or enter into contracts for the above-described services situated overseas.

  • Tower 70 – The company established to develop and manage the 70 unit Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) project in Tamuning Guam.


As a fully bonded Guam-based company, Core Tech International understands just how challenging supply chain logistics and component sourcing can be in an island environment. That is why Core Tech maintains a full complement of construction support resources from construction specialists and engineers to fully stocked warehousing as well as quarry & batch plant facilities and heavy equipment to ensure that every project is delivered with quality on time and on budget.

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Guam Facilities Foundation, Inc. (“GFFI”) was formed in 2011 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to bring affordable housing and other community-focused projects to Guam. The primary focus of GFFI has been the development and maintenance of affordable housing and educational facilities on island and in less than 3 years, we have helped finance and develop over $168 million of these projects.

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